Ruback is Kansas City’s oldest fine jewelry store, est. 1908. Ron Ruback’s grandfather opened up his first store in downtown Kansas City.

Ron then opened a new store on the Country Club Plaza, designed by Tiffany and Co. and serviced the local community as well as tourists.

Listening to their customers, they realized there was a need in the community for personalized services in a private showroom. They moved to a private show room setting in Prairie Village, Kansas.

In 2013 Hal and Amy Pollack, family friends of the Ruback’s going back generations, acquired the business. Hal started in the industry over 40 years ago as a distributor to fine jewelry stores around the country. Amy joined the industry as a marketing consultant for major luxury brands.


We receive many inquiries from customers who have heard about “Conflict Diamonds” and who are legitimately concerned about any possible ethical ramifications about purchasing diamonds. In 2003 the “Clean Diamond Trade Act” was signed into law, which works to exclude rough “Conflict Diamonds” from international trade while promoting legitimate trade.

As Kansas City’s oldest fine jewelry store, we work solely with suppliers and diamond producers that adhere to the Kimberley Process. There are 43 participant countries, including the U.S. and the European Community. Under this process, diamond producing countries certify that diamonds have been mined and sold through legitimate channels. This program is designed to prevent conflict and elicit diamonds from entering the international diamond trade. We greatly appreciate our customer’s desire to shop “conflict free” and will never stray from this practice.

It is our mission to ensure every customer finds Ruback to be as comfortable a jewelry buying experience as possible. We not only want you to love your purchase, we want you to feel confident in the quality of our jewelry, the value you receive, and our integrity.